Perimeter and Penetration Retreatment System


I. The Termguard Perimeter and Penetration Retreatment System offers a means of initial and re-application of the termiticide to the home or buildings perimeter slab edge and all slab penetrations (e.g. plumbing, electrical) plus control/construction joints.

II. A 3/4" green undrilled lines is placed either through or under the footing/brickwork from the outside of the structure; this feeds pipes placed either to slab penetrations and or construction/control joints.

III. Each and every slab penetration is protected and interconnects with the 3/4" green undrilled lines.

IV. Running perforated pipes with connections back to the main feeder manifold also protects construction and control joints.

V. On reactive soil sites Permecover skirts must be fixed around each slab penetration to retain the termiticide in the case of soil subsidence. The Permecover skirt withholds adequate levels of the termiticide to create an impenetrable Termite Management System.

VI. Once the installation is completed, the concrete workers install the plastic membrane & steelworks and the slab is poured.

VII. The 3/4" green undrilled lines terminates within a childproof trap aesthetically placed in the pathway, lawn area or garden bed of the structure.

VIII. The initial application and re-application of the Termite Management agent is injected into the System via injection points located in the childproof trap eliminating any unauthorized contact with the injection points or the termiticide.

IX. The termiticide is distributed evenly to the critical areas via the simple network of feed and distribution pipes.

X. The Perimeter System encircles the external perimeter of the home or building and has its injection points located within the same type of childproof traps.

XI. The Perimeter System is installed within 4" of the outer edge of the slab or brickwork and is covered with a Permecover sleeve.

XII. The Permecover assists with the distribution of the termiticide and acts as a filter to prevent contaminates from entering the system.